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PsyPass System for Computerized Psychometric Assessment

The system contains numerous tests and questionnaires which evaluate abilities and personality traits relevant to the modern vocational world. For every job, a series of tests and questionnaires can be specifically defined to match the job requirements.

  • The system increases the efficiency of the selection process and offer major savings in selection costs while allowing total in-house control of the selection process and eliminating the need for external help.
  • The system is tailored specifically to the needs of the organization.
  • Assessment reports are available in real-time and allow immediate decision making.
  • PsyPass System produces a list of subjects – specific to each candidate – that serve as the basis for an in depth focused interview with the candidate.
  • The system is user friendly and simple to operate – both for the operator and the candidate.
  • The system can be simply and quickly integrated into the organization and does not require special knowledge or experience with computers.
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